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Welcome to Subato!

Subato is an Automated Assessment / Intelligent Tutoring System for programming education, which is used to support students and instructors in programming courses at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. It allows generating individual formative feedback for students and reduces the organizational effort for teachers by semi-automatically assessing student solutions and simplifying organizational tasks.


You can reach the Subato installation of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences here. Some functions can only be used with an internal account. However, solutions can also be submitted anonymously in public courses in order to test the system. Please note that the system is currently only available in German.

The system currently supports programming tasks for a variety of programming languages. By now, the system also covers other areas of computer science in addition to programming tasks. These include, for example, exercises for working with database systems via SQL queries. In addition to a web application, a plug-in for the IntelliJ IDE is also available, enabling the system to be used directly in the students' working environment.

About this Documentation

The following pages serve as functional and technical documentation of the subsystems and protocols/formats. Unfortunately, they are currently only available in German. The source code can be found in the Git repositories in GitLab.

If you have suggestions for new features or would like to report a bug, please feel free to contact us. More information about Subato can be found here.